I have received an email with a Voucher Code from you, what should I do now?

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If you have received an email from us with a voucher code you can rebook your ticket yourself on our website.

Note: If you have already used your voucher by rebooking via our customer support the voucher is no longer valid.

How to use the voucher code and rebook your ticket on our site:

  • Enter the booking flow via the link in the voucher email.

  • Search for a new trip. Note that the new trip must meet the criteria mentioned in the email for the voucher to be valid.

  • Apply the voucher code on the payment page:

  • If the voucher is applied successfully it will look like this:    

  • If any criteria mentioned in the 'voucher code email' have not been met the voucher code will not be valid and it will look like this:  

  • You will be notified via email and in the booking flow while we check if the selected flight(s) are available with the carrier.

  • Once and if your new booking is confirmed you will be notified via email. You have now booked a new trip!

  • If the selected flight is not available you will be notified via email and must redo the booking process again.

Regarding ancillary products:

Please note, most ancillary products are non-transferable and will need to be repurchased at the time of rebooking. Exception, if you originally purchased the below products:

  • Travel Insurance - If the duration of the policy doesn’t change, this product will be transferred to your new ticket. Otherwise, the policy will be refunded.
  • Cancellation Insurance  - The product will be transferred to your new ticket.
  • Flexible Ticket  -  This product remains valid until your new return date.

In case you have received a voucher directly from the airline you need to contact the customer support of the airline.

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